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Note: KADC has established the following rates according to the general level of care required. Please see the attached sheet for a description of Levels I and II.

Daily Rate:

Level I $ 70.00/day
Level II $ 80.00/day
(Rates may vary subject to assessment of care needs by Executive Director)

Full-time monthly rate:
(five days per week, excluding holidays*)

Level I $ 1120.00/mo
Level II $ 1280.00/mo
(Rates may vary subject to assessment of care needs by Executive Director)

Intake and Trial Day Fees:

One-time fee for pre-enrollment appointments and processing: $50.00

Additional Services:

Bathing $ 30.00/bath
Feeding (Oral) $ 10.00/daily

Transportation by KADC Van:

One way $ 10.00
Round Trip $ 20.00

Note: Some individuals who meet income and other criteria may qualify for short or long term tuition assistance. Contact Executive Director for more information at (808)322-7977.
(Effective 3-1-08)


LEVEL I: Daily Rate: $70.00 Monthly Rate: $1120.00

  • Toilets self independently or with minimal hands-on assistance.
  • Eats independently – no monitoring of special diets needed.
  • Adjusts to group situations and activities with minimal intervention.(participates in large and small group activities without special modifications or frequent one to one intervention).
  • Requires minimal assistance with ambulation(i.e. occasional stand-by assistance to walk or transfer safely).

LEVEL II: Daily Rate: $80.00 Monthly Rate: $1280.00

Those with dementing conditions or physical disabilities who require specific care to promote optimum health, personal safety, safety of others and/or involvement in activities.


  • Requires regular supervision and/or hand-on assistance in social or personal care activities. (i.e. group participation, toileting and hygiene, etc.)
  • Requires frequent one-to-one intervention to prevent escalation of anxiety or catastrophic actions.
  • Requires hands-on assistance with ambulation or transferring.
  • Requires special food or monitoring of food or fluid intake/output.
  • Requires lift to transfer safely.
  • Requires one to one assist with transfers and ambulation.
  • Requires total assist with feedings.
  • Dementia clients, who are steady roamers and walkers, require constant monitoring.
  • Requires special food preparations.

Daily and Monthly rates will be dependent upon specific and specialized care required. These rates will be established on a case-by-case basis and relate to the executive director's assessment of client’s mental, emotional and/or physical requirements and interventions required. This individual may have multiple conditions or specific needs, which require frequent one-to-one staff intervention and supervision beyond Level I and Level II.

Note: All levels of care shall be reviewed within the first three (3) months of attendance and periodically thereafter. Rates will be subject to adjust as care requirements increase.

Effective 3/1/08

Thank you for your interest in Kona Adult Day Center. For your convenience we have the following information and forms available for download. Adobe Acrobat is required to access.